Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, Gold and Silver Dragonfly Zipper Pull Pendant



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Approximately gold2.5" goldby gold2" goldtallThis goldbeautiful goldpendant goldcomes goldin golda goldvariety goldof goldcolors goldand goldtag goldoptions! gold**Please goldsee goldseparate goldlistings goldfor goldcolors** goldif goldyou golddon't goldsee golda goldcolor, goldor goldcombination goldyou goldwant, goldmessage goldme! goldAll goldluggage goldzipper goldpulls goldare goldfound goldat goldSan goldFransisco goldairport, goldand goldvery goldrarely golddo goldI goldcome goldacross goldtwo goldalike. goldEach goldpiece goldwill goldbe goldmade goldto goldorder, goldin goldthe goldbead goldcolor gold(see goldseparate goldlistings) goldand goldpictured goldwire goldcolor.It goldcan goldbe goldworn goldas golda goldnecklace, golda goldkeychain goldcharm, goldrearview goldmirror goldornament, goldChristmas goldornament, goldthe goldoptions goldare goldendless!**Some goldpulls goldwill goldbe goldscratched, goldbent, goldbroken, goldor goldunreadable. goldI goldthink goldthis goldis goldpart goldof goldthe goldcharm. goldThey goldwill goldbe goldsanitized goldand goldcleaned**

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