Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This 19mmsuper 19mmlarge 19mmpair 19mmof 19mmmade-to-order 19mmdangle 19mmplugs 19mmfeatures 19mmblack 19mmround 19mmgems 19mm(glass 19mmfor 19mm9/16" 19mmand 19mm5/8" 19mmand 19mmacrylic 19mmfor 19mm3/4"), 19mmset 19mmin 19mmclosed 19mmsilver 19mmplated 19mmscalloped 19mmframes. 19mmDangling 19mmfrom 19mmeach 19mmis 19mma 19mmvery 19mmlarge 19mmantiqued 19mmsilver 19mmfinish 19mmGothic 19mmfiligree 19mmcross, 19mmwith 19mmhand 19mmset 19mmdark 19mmred 19mmand 19mmblack 19mmSwarovski 19mmcrystal 19mmrhinestone 19mmaccents, 19mmand 19mma 19mmbalck 19mmresin 19mmrose 19mmin 19mmthe 19mmcenter 19mmof 19mmeach. 19mm 19mmThese 19mmwould 19mmbe 19mmlovely 19mmfor 19mma 19mmGothic 19mmwedding 19mmor 19mmspecial 19mmoccasion. 19mm 19mmThese 19mmare 19mmavailable 19mmin 19mmthe 19mmfollowing 19mmsizes 19mmand 19mmstyles:9/14" 19mm(14mm) 19mm- 19mmBlack 19mmAcrylic 19mmNo 19mmFlare9/14" 19mm(14mm) 19mm- 19mmBlack 19mmAcrylic 19mmwith 19mmFlares9/14" 19mm(14mm) 19mm- 19mmBlack 19mmStone 19mmwith 19mmFlares5/8" 19mm(16mm) 19mm- 19mmBlack 19mmAcrylic 19mmNo 19mmFlare5/8" 19mm(16mm) 19mm- 19mmBlack 19mmAcrylic 19mmwith 19mmFlares5/8" 19mm(16mm) 19mm- 19mmBlack 19mmStone 19mmwith 19mmFlares3/4"(19mm) 19mm- 19mmBlack 19mmAcrylic 19mmNo 19mmFlare3/4"(19mm) 19mm- 19mmBlack 19mmAcrylic 19mmwith 19mmFlares3/4"(19mm) 19mm- 19mmBlack 19mmStone 19mmwith 19mmFlares***PLEASE 19mmNOTE*** 19mmSteel 19mmscrew 19mmback 19mmstyles 19mmcan 19mmcause 19mmsome 19mmtipping 19mmforward 19mmof 19mmthe 19mmjewelry 19mmin 19mmyour 19mmlobes. 19mm 19mmThis 19mmis 19mmhelped 19mmby 19mmwearing 19mman 19mmO 19mmring 19mmbetween 19mmyour 19mmlobe 19mmand 19mmthe 19mmback 19mmof 19mmthe 19mmscrew 19mmback. 19mm 19mmIf 19mmyou 19mmhave 19mmthinner 19mmlobes, 19mmdon't 19mmusually 19mmwear 19mmsteel 19mmtunnels 19mmor 19mmdon't 19mmwant 19mmto 19mmtry 19mmthe 19mm"O 19mmring 19mmmethod" 19mmwith 19mmthe 19mmsteel 19mmtunnels, 19mmplease 19mmselect 19mmone 19mmof 19mmthe 19mmother 19mmoptions.Please 19mmmake 19mmyour 19mmsize 19mmselection 19mmusing 19mmthe 19mmdrop 19mmdown 19mmmenus 19mmprior 19mmto 19mmcompleting 19mmcheckout. 19mm***This 19mmis 19mma 19mmmade-to-order 19mmpair 19mmthat 19mmwill 19mmbe 19mmmade 19mmto 19mmyour 19mmspecifications 19mmafter 19mmyour 19mmpurchase. 19mmThese 19mmare 19mmnot 19mmyet 19mmready 19mmto 19mmship 19mmand 19mmwill 19mmtake 19mm5-7 19mmbusiness 19mmdays 19mmto 19mmbe 19mmmade, 19mmpackaged 19mmand 19mmshipped 19mmout 19mmto 19mmyou 19mmafter 19mmyou 19mmplace 19mmyour 19mmorder. 19mmPlease 19mmbe 19mmaware 19mmof 19mmthis 19mmprocessing 19mmtime 19mmbefore 19mmchecking 19mmout.*** 19mmTop 19mmof 19mmGem 19mmto 19mmBack 19mmof 19mmPlug: 19mm5/8"Total 19mmLength 19mmfrom 19mmTop 19mmto 19mmBottom: 19mm4" 19mm(these 19mmare 19mmVERY 19mmlong)Width: 19mm2 19mm1/8"Check 19mmout 19mmmy 19mmother 19mmplugs 19mmhere: 19mmhttps://www./shop/Lunachick/search?search_query=plugs&order=date_desc&view_type=gallery&ref=shop_searchNot 19mmthe 19mmright 19mmsizes 19mmor 19mmcolors? 19mmThere 19mmare 19mmLOTS 19mmof 19mmcolor/size 19mmcombos 19mmthat 19mmI 19mmdon't 19mmhave 19mmlisted 19mmthat 19mmI 19mmcan 19mmdo 19mmfor 19mmyou, 19mmso 19mmif 19mmthere's 19mmsomething 19mmelse 19mmyou 19mmhave 19mmin 19mmmind, 19mmplease 19mmmessage 19mmme 19mmand 19mmask 19mmabout 19mmother 19mmoptions!Questions? 19mmFeel 19mmfree 19mmto 19mmmessage 19mmme 19mmor 19mmcheck 19mmout 19mmmy 19mmShop 19mmPolicies 19mmfor 19mmmore 19mminfo:http://www./shop/Lunachick/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftnav

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